C4 2017: Creative Holy Pilgrimage

It’s that time of the year again: Central Canada Comic Con (C4)!

Where you’re placed at a con is a bit of a crap shoot, but I’m optimistic about my spot this year (A310). I thought last year was a good spot: I was across from James O’Barr (creator of The Crow), and near the washroom and AYB video game area. But, maybe it was the new layout with the new expansion, or some other ineffable factor, traffic wasn’t as strong (some friends had ZERO traffic at times), and last year was my weakest sales (still good, just not great). This year, I’m placed near many fellow artists and creators, and a little closer to the celebrities (but not too close), so I’m interested in seeing how the flow works out this year.

What’s New

I’m also optimistic as I have four new graphic novels at my table (well… new for C4):

Fire Starters (written by Jen Storm, beautiful colours by Donovan Yaciuk)

Moonshot Vol. 2 (where I illustrated a short story by Richard Van Camp)

Brandy (written by DeeDee M. and Lisa Moore)

And my own fantasy epic, The Chronicles of Era Book 2. With TCOE2, there are also three AMAZING variant covers by local artists Scott A. ford, Nyco Rudolph, and Greg Waller.

It was tight, but I also got a short, twelve page, ashcan preview of the the next instalment of The Chronicles of Era: Heaven’s Ashes.


On a whim, I also participated in Inktober this year. For the uninitiated, Inktober is done in October, and artists challenge themselves to work on or complete an ink drawing every day. Besides being creative, it can challenge artists to make time to do projects, practice ink skills, or think of creative ideas for 31 days straight. I always felt too busy with other projects to participate, but I found a couple Star Wars sketches I started a couple years ago, and I just said “what the hell” and I MADE time for it. I started a few days late, but I’ve done a 5″x7″ sketch of a different Star Wars Character every day, and I’m bringing them to C4. I’m hoping to add a few more while working the con. I could probably do Star Wars sketches for a year and not run out of ideas.

In Conclusion

As before I’ll have the other books I’ve illustrated: 7 Generations, Sugar Falls, Betty: the Helen Betty Osborne Story, the Eisner Nominated A Blanket of Butterflies, and Tales From Big Spirit.

Cash and debit are accepted, I hardly ever leave my table, and I love talking about comics, the creative process and meeting new artists, writers, and fans. Looking forward to meeting you at the con.


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