First Fridays in the Exchange

For the folks in Winnipeg, tonight is First Fridays in the Exchange, where businesses, galleries, and little pop up shops open their doors for the night, maybe offer something new. With a high of 1° and a low of -7°, it’ll be a beautiful night to wander the streets of Winnipeg to find gifts for the holiday season.

79 Arthur Street Market

Arthur Street Market

Artists GMB Chomichuk and Chasing Art work have booked a space in their studio building and invited a dozen or so other artists to show off the fruits of their labour. There will be comics and graphic novels (both for fun and some great titles for schools!), prints, Christmas cards, pottery, jewelry, miniatures, leatherwork, and possibly a few other surprises. Greg and Justin put on amazing shows, with fun, interactive events that are packed with style! Cookies, treats (from Cakeology) and wine!

The market runs from 5pm-11pm (December 1, 2017).

Street parking is free after 5:30pm.

Myself, I will have my creator owned and published Chronicles of Era Books 1 and 2, as well as the preview of the next story arc, Heaven’s Ashes. If you, or someone you know, is into fantasy (of the likes of Tolkien, or Tad Williams) , science fiction (like Frank Herbert’s Dune), and/or steampunk, then Era might be the right fit.

I will also have a limited selection of the books I’ve illustrated for HighWater Press. With their focus on schools and education, these graphic novels are great for people of all ages, and for those that want to learn more about Canada’s history and the influence of Indigenous People. I will have copies of award nominated, and internationally recognized graphic novels such as: 7 Generations: A Plains Cree SagaFire Starters (written by Jen Storm), A Blanket of Butterflies (written by Richard Van Camp, and a 2016 Eisner Award Nominee), and the newest book, A Girl Called Echo, written by Katherena Vermette (and breathtaking colours by Donovan Yaciuk). When We Were Alone, (by David A. Robertson and Julie Flett) recent winner of the Govern General Award, will also be available, and is perfect for early readers.


I still have some of my Star Wars Inktober2017 sketches.

Come check out the amazing talent, such as Scott A. Ford (MB Book Award winner), Samantha Secter, Nyco Rudolph, Matthew Dyck, Ryan Harby, Ryan Bartel, Sara Wilde, Hely Schumann, Renegade Pencil, Radish Moran, Kira Koop, Gloria Mei Chou, Corie Jaye, Beth Gillespie, and Zephyra Vun.


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