Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story

Written by David A Robertson

Illustrated by Scott B Henderson

Published by HighWater Press

This is David’s second representation (and Scott’s first) of Betty’s story, set amidst movements for Indigenous rights, such Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW). Betty’s life was filled with hope and ambition, her dream was to become a teacher, but also with tragedy at the hands of racism and sexism. While there have been other depictions of the events that unfolded in The Pas, MB on November 13, 1971, this story gives special focus to Betty; her desires to be a teacher that led her away from her home, to the close network of friends she had while studying, and the senseless violence against her that changed everything.

Betty’s story is brought into a modern context—not just something that happened more than 40 years in the past—by pairing it with social media, and an increased awareness and escalating cries (and demands) to end the epidemic of indigenous women being murdered.



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