Kale is a story I play with on occasion which was inspired by my son. A high fantasy world, built around Animism, the idea that everything has a spirit. I had thought to make it an illustrated book series, as opposed to a comic book. A comic would require much more time than I actually have.

Below is my first fully rendered image of the world, with Kale riding the back of his companion, Grizlow, Wolf of the Deep Wood.


Here is the proposed cover to the first Kale story: The Chalice of Atar

It is a festival day where the Eternal Fire is shared with the Kingdoms, but dark forces seek to take the magical fire to extinguish the light of mankind. Kale takes part in the great festivities and meets some of the most fantastic and powerful people in the world: the powerful fire Priestess of OrĂ¼ne, Thyra Ezar; the mysterious Wizard of the Deep Wood, Erazmus Baelethor; the dark King of Night who resides in the Dreamlands; the Mad King of West March; and Seraph, the Exiled Witch of the Wastelands. Kale meets these powerful people and begins to discover he has powers of his own, which may be instrumental in the coming conflicts.


And lastly, a map of the world:


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