Passages was my thesis project in my final year at the School of Fine Art at the University of Manitoba. This was done c. 1999-2000. I like to think I have significantly improved in my art since this time. I don’t go for the rough, less defined line art style, I use a computer to do the lettering (my handwriting is a barely legible normally), and this was done before Google Image searches. I would hang out in the libraries for hours looking up material. I would (very rarely) go out and draw from the source. Now, I can draw almost anything based on material from the Internet (for good or bad). I do miss wandering the aisles of the libraries though…..

The first 3 images are covers for Passages (there are colored versions, which I had painted, but I don’t have copies at this time), and then the remaining images are the first several pages from Passages.











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