Random Art

A mishmash of whatever I work on. Some of it is for family, sometimes some other small commission or just whatever doesn’t fit into the other galleries.


Boba Fett. Requested by David Robertson while I was in a sketchy, Star Wars mood after my daughter was born. (2013)


Cancer (as in the zodiac) themed gift for my wife’s birthday. (2006)


WWII image done because I wanted to. Used it as a prize at our wedding social. (2008)


A friend hosts LAN parties, full of games and other cool stuff. He has I think at least one a year, and it’s been going strong for about 13 years now. (circa 2005)


Alternate cover for Magnitude (issue 3), created by my colleague, Greg Waller. At one time I was working on illustrating Magnitude, but I had moved on to work on The Books of Era. It was a really fun super hero book. (circa 2005)


Valkyrie. Also done as a social prize at my wedding social. (2008)


Mother Goddess. For my wife after (or maybe before?) my son was born. (2010)


Also related to my wife and son. I was inspired to do this after my wife’s labour. For some reason she didn’t swear at all while in labour, which was quite unlike her. (2013)


Jawa, and Bouschh with Chewie. I was in a huge Star Wars sketch faze after my daughter was born (and too preoccupied to work on paying projects) (2013)


A Valentine’s Day gift for my wife, very early on in our relationship. (2003-4)


MB Hydro Safety Poster. I suppose this should be placed in my professional galleries. I was commissioned by a graphic designer to do the illustration for this poster. As I recall, this poster came in second place in some graphic design contest or awards. (2008)


Dragonfly tattoo I was asked to do for a friend. Her kids’ names and birth dates were in corporates into the wings (excluded in this sample). (2012)


Apollo and Artemis. I was in another mythology kick when I did this, and I had wanted to do a series. I had plans for Athena, Poseidon, and Hades. Unfortunately, never could make the time after this. (2012)


Many of the mythology images I do are for my wife: anniversary, birthday, holiday, etc. this one was combined with tickets to see Peter Pan at the theatre. I was influenced by the last Peter Pan movie, which I thought was visually really good. (2009?)


Princess Leia. Also from my Star Wars kick after my daughter was born. (2013)

The following 5 images are from an RPG that I was working on with some friends during my penultimate year in Fine Arts (c. 1998-99?). The game was based on a police force, a kind of Cops and Robbers game. At the time, there weren’t many games like this. The first 2 images are of the cops in the game, who sometimes where exo-suits. The next 2 are of one of the crime syndicates that the cops must contend with. And lastly, a street urchin, based on some photo from a National Geographic.


A samurai drawing inspired by a story by Richard Van Camp (2013)


An illustration inspired by the book, Thunder Road, by Chadwick Ginther. The gods and monsters of Norse mythology are running rampant across Manitoba. (2013)


Coloured version of Thunder Road.


A little but of fan fun: Daenerys Targaryn from Game of Thrones


And here is the fine Daenerys coloured:


A picture I did as a donation for an auction at a curling bonspiel (the league was through a veterans legion—the tank features prominently in front of the building).


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