Tales from Big Spirit: The Poet

Tales from Big Spirit is a series of six graphic novels, each one telling the story of a different First Nations figure from Canadian History. The entire series is written by David A Robertson (7 Generations, Sugar Falls, The Life of Helen Betty Osborn) and illustrated by one of three talented artists: Scott B Henderson, Andrew Lodwick and Wai Tien.

Published by HighWater Press, an imprint of Portage & Main Press.

Although Kathy loves poetry, she is far too shy to recite it in front of her class. But the story of Pauline Johnson, renowned as the “Mohawk Princess” inspires Kathy to overcome her stage fright. Pauline, from the Grand River Reserve in Ontario, crisscrossed the country, reciting her poems to far-flung communities, making her among the most beloved literary figures of the Edwardian era.









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